PhotoNow Beholder are one of the finest British acts I’ve seen in recent years. There’s a reason for this. They each have a passion for music that you tend to not see in the corporate music world. Self managed, self promoting, utterly outgoing Beholder could quite possibly be the model for how bands of the future should be. This set, on this stage, was, and is a message. No more. No more bullying, no more greed, no more corruption, no more bullshit. Beholder have been labelled “too old school metal”. That’s because that’s what they do. They’ve been labelled “Too controversial” seriously? Really? Come on… Controversy is what Rock & Roll, Heavy Metal, Punk, Thrash, Rap and even Classical music have been based around since the dawn of their respective inceptions. I’m going to try and side-step a rant and stick to the performance, but for this industry to say that about one of the up and coming bands is… Well, it’s no surprise Beholder don’t like you either.

And they let it all out on the Beermageddon Stage. This is personal to them. It’s personal to the crowd. When frontman Simon Hall gets off the stage to talk to the crowd of kids at the front and is talking about bullying and being yourself, Simon has obviously touched a nerve and he is upset. Not at the fact he brought it up, but you can tell he’s directly addressing a victim. This will not stand he tells the crowd. This is emotion. This is dedication. This is the headlining set that most festivals miss out on, because the fans & the bands simply cannot connect. This is British Heavy Metal at it’s best. Ripping through their 2013 “The Order of Chaos” album and beyond Beholder are the Saturday headliner you expect and more. Utterly mesmerising, utterly intense, completely Thrash.


Full review here….



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