Live review from London Garage with Lawnmower Deth


Beholder are known as one of the hardest working bands in the UK today. They should also be known as one of the most ass-kickingly brilliant too. I know a fair few people in bands who’ve either seen or played with Beholder. Everyone has had great things to say about them. Personally, I’d never seen them. Another regret. Holy-Mother-Of-God how good are Beholder? Why are they not bigger. It’s funny because I often ask the question “Who’s going to be the big festival headliners in 20 years time?”. If the right person is out there, and they come across them – Beholder is an answer that I can be in complete agreement with. If you like your Metal Heavy.


If you like Thrash. If you like what is musically essentially British to its core, I beg you, listen to or go and see Beholder.   Nobody could have put the crowd in a better place than Beholder. Primed for Thrash…

E Gigs



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