The Order Of Chaos – Powerplay Review


“The Order Of Chaos”

Genre: Heavy Metal



As anyone who’s caught Beholder live will surely confirm, they are an utterly devastating proposition on stage.  “The Order Of Chaos” doesn’t quite capture the beer ‘n’ sweat-fuelled carnage of their live shows, but it’s still an almighty statement of intent.

Surprisingly for an album possessed of such bile and venom, it actually takes a while to get going and find its feet.  With boundless energy and defiant attitude, Beholder have taken a few cues from Pantera and Machine Head, but many of these tracks are slow-burners without the immediacy of, say “Mouth For War” or “Davidian”.

But as soon as the band do hit their stride with ‘Splinter’ the results are impressive.  It’s a momentum that’s sustained for the rest of the record that stands as a rallying cry for underdogs everywhere.  “The Order Of Chaos” has bloody knuckles from all the punches it throws, but it chooses its victims carefully and deservedly.

The groove and mass-appeal melodies of songs like “Killing Machine” may win over the Lamb of God crowd, but theres more to be found here, as beholder draw on metal’s rich past and take inspiration from titans like Testament and even old-school Metallica.

Lyrically, the album is intelligent, passionate and incisive, as politicians, bankers and other assorted scum find themselves on the receiving end of a well-earned tongue-lashing.  Power to the people.

With groove, melody, refreshing dynamism and a big middle-finger salute to ignorance everywhere, you still need to see Beholder live to get the full picture, but this will do nicely on the nights that you can’t.


Powerpoints 7




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