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Set the diary’s for Dec 13th cos Beholder will be offering up the first official taste of the forthcoming album – The Order Of Chaos.  A 2 track EP with Profit Of The Lie and Toxic Nation (Live from Bloodstock Open Air) will be available from 

This free download will be the first of several dates for the diary prior to release…

Dec 13th – Free Download

Jan 2nd – Black Flag (Official video release)

Jan 3rd – Splinter (Official video release)

Jan 4th – Limited Edition Pre Sale Chaos packs available

Feb 1st – The Order Of Chaos (Official release)Image


Simon hosts show on Bloodstock Radio

BEHOLDER frontman Simon Hall is to host his very own radio show on the all new Bloodstock Radio!! With launch day set for Dec 1st he’ll be opening up proceeding with a two hour show at 9.00am (which will be repeated on Tues 4th Dec at 7.00pm)

The first offering will consist of various recognised acts mixed in with a whole bunch of new bands – along with whatever rambling nonsense comes out of his mouth. Not only this but Simon has promised to play an exclusive track from the forthcoming Beholder album “The Order of Chaos” and announce some exciting news on the Beholder release!!!

Not Arf!!!